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About Us: Higginbotham Steel Proudly Presents a Unique Structural Deck Support System.

Deck Bracket System Overview:
  • Exceeding code requirements, the unique system strengthens and reinforces wood deck and porch framing components
  • Connects the outdoor living structure to the adjacent building.s floor structure.
  • Creates a minimizing application for required designs for freestanding decks.
  • Reinforces the 4x4 handrail post connection, and is offered for multistory applications as well.
  • Higginbotham Steel.s HS brackets can also be applied for energy Foam/ Siding Deck Ledger Board attachment applications.
  • Depending on the size and design of the deck, 2x4 knee bracing may be eliminated.
  • Laser cut from 12 Gauge (approx. 0.1084") Steel Plate. Heavier gauge : available upon request
  • Steel Bracket Components Available in Multiple Coatings
  • Aesthetically appealing Hot Dipped Galvanized . Black and Natural Finish 316 Stainless Steel
  • Custom Orders: Polished Stainless Steel and Epoxy: Industrial textured or Smooth Powder Coated
How the System Works:
  • HS Deck Ledger Brackets (Products #HS1-HS3) are structurally designed to securely attach decks to building frames.
  • These brackets attach directly to the Deck Ledger Board located in the Structure. [Deck Ledger Boards in the actual structure itself are specifically located within the Building Structural Exterior Sheathing and Engineered Rim Board.
  • HS Deck Post Brackets (single or multi story: Products #HS4-HS5)
  • Connect the 6x6 deck posts to deck beams (2x10 or 2x12) and outside rim joists.
  • HS Inside Corner Brackets (4 hole and 5 hole: Products #HS6-HS7)
  • Support the outside Rim Joist and connect it to the Deck Ledger Board as well as provide reinforcement for the 4x4 Handrail post bolts.
  • Specialized applications may benefit from HS Joist Support Brackets (Product #HS8) and/or the HS Mini Reinforcement Tri-brackets (Product #HS9).
System Certification and Codes:
  • Designed to meet and exceed current ICC Building Code.s Deck Requirements
  • Patent Pending: United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)#15/237462System
Resistance v. Testing Strength:
  • Preliminary in-house testing situations created an innovative testing system via a 6000 lbs. forklift and calibrated electronic scale. The Forklift.s testing assembly system connected the hoist scale through a Ford F350 Powerstroke Dually.
  • The 4x4 PT Handrail posts snapped at just over 1,000 lbs. force tested all directions; HS Brackets & PT Wood Deck framing remained in place.
  • This innovative testing exceeding required 1,500 lbs. for HS Deck Ledger Brackets (Products #HS1-HS3) spacing layouts as the maximum spacing allowed per the code based on a Weyhauser Engineered Lumber Deck Ledger Rim Board.
Structural System.s Designer and Creator:
  • System Creator and innovative entrepreneur, Gary Higginbotham, P.E., of Alpharetta, GA, is a Masters in Engineering Alumnus from Clemson University with forty years of professional experience in the construction and design industry.
  • After multiple years managing his engineering businesses, the avid automobile enthusiast took on a major project to create a dream classic car look with modern conveniences and began his locally-owned classic car resto-mod and restoration shop, opening in 2005.
  • Well-known for his highly awarded SS854 Camaro restomod: 1969 Classic White with Orange Stripes Camaro that while still street legal operates on 1500+ Horsepower from its mirror-like TWO V-8 ENGINES under its hood.
  • While professionally engineering designs for many prominent Atlanta builders, he saw the need for structural reinforcement of deck and porch systems to confirm with current code standards. From there, he was able to engineer and design deck brackets in shop space that assembled the same dream Camaro to weld the custom prototype pieces of the structural steel bracket design system.

Established in: 2015

Main Products/Services: Steel Deck Brackets

Sales Contact: Gary Higginbotham

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Higginbotham Steel

Higginbotham Steel

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