Duradek vinyl membranes for waterproofing deck underlayments
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About Us: Duradek is the ICC approved waterproofing membrane you can walk on. It is intended for flat roof decks, patios and sundecks. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to provide a clean contemporary look. Duradek is installed by trained applicators in one easy step and in almost any weather condition.

Durarail is our powder coated aluminum railing. From commercial to residential, we manufacture engineered and approved railing systems for both standard and custom applications. Available in glass and picket styles.

Tiledek is our newest addition to the Duradek product line. It was developed explicitly for exterior tile applications. It is identical to Duradek other than it has a fabric embedded on the top layer to create a surface to which a tile bonding thinset can be securely adhered. Tiledek also acts as an anti-fracture/crack isolation barrier and roofing membrane. Tile or any cementitious product like stamped concrete can be installed directly on top of it.

Plazadek is identical to our Duradek without the pattern or texture on the surface. It was designed specifically for the purpose of waterproofing flat roof decks intended to have pavers, terrazzo, marble or some other synthetic surface installed directly on top of it.

Duradek is committed to an ongoing quality assuredness program which includes regular testing to ensure our products meet the latest building code requirements and industry standards. Duradek believes that when it comes to waterproofing, it.s all about the details.

Installed exclusively by our network of specially trained and authorized Duradek Dealers, we are confident that our excellent line of waterproofing products will perform as intended. With our roofing approved waterproofing membrane, you can turn any area under your deck into dry, usable space. Whether for extra storage space or added living space, you are guaranteed to have walkable, waterproof protection with Duradek. We invite you to discover the Duradek difference.

Main Products/Services:

  • Walkable, waterproof vinyl membrane
  • Powder-coated aluminum railings
  • Waterproof underlayment
Established in: 1975

Sales Contact: Jennifer Ogilvie-Brackett

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